What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are made of porcelain and replace missing teeth by using artificial teeth that are held in place by adjacent teeth, known as abutment teeth. Either dental crowns or metal wings are placed on the abutment teeth to fix the bridge in position.

Bridges can be either permanent (fixed bridge) or removable and offer as a great alternative to partial dentures and dental implants.

It’s important to replace missing teeth, as leaving a gap can cause many issues. Failing to replace missing teeth can lead to other teeth moving out of position, or a decline in jaw bone density, which can cause numerous dental problems which can result in extracting and even a distorted facial profile.

Our dental bridge options at Curtis Couch

Traditional dental bridge

The traditional dental bridge is suitable for patients who have two healthy abutment teeth (adjacent teeth). The bridge is connected to a crown placed on both adjacent teeth.

Cantilever dental bridge

The cantilever bridge is very similar to the traditional bridge. The difference is that the cantilever bridge only uses one abutment tooth, which means you only need one healthy adjacent tooth suitable for a crown to get this bridge.

Maryland dental bridge

The Maryland dental bridge requires two abutment teeth as the traditional bridge does. However, it doesn’t use crowns, instead it uses either a porcelain or metal framework that is attached to the backside of the adjacent teeth.

We have both fixed and removable bridges

Fixed bridges 

Fixed bridges are permanent, as they are bonded into place and can only be removed by a dental professional. Permanent bridges are very strong and durable options for replacing missing teeth.

Fixed bridges offer more stability than their removable counterparts.

Removable bridges

As the name implies, removable bridges can be taken out for cleaning.

The benefits of dental bridges:

Dental bridges are beneficial as they replace missing teeth, and prevent issues associated to missing teeth from occurring.

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Restore your smiles esthetics & function
  • Improve chewing ability
  • Improve speaking ability
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting
  • Maintain the faces natural shape

How long can dental bridges and crowns last for?

Porcelain dental bridges and crowns can last for well over a decade if they are cared for properly.

It’s important to treat a dental bridge or crown like a natural tooth and brush it daily, floss and rinse your mouth out regularly, especially after eating or drinking.

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