If you’ve ever suffered from headaches, jaw pain, or grinding your teeth while you sleep, a night guard may be a great solution for you!

What is a Nightguard?

A night guard is essentially a plastic retainer looking piece that covers the biting surfaces of your teeth to prevent damage that comes from grinding, clenching, or gnashing (otherwise known as Bruxism). Most commonly caused by stress, Bruxism can create tension on the teeth and jaw, leading to further issues such as headaches and/or TMJ. A night guard is an effective sleep appliance that can help treat and prevent future complications such as these.

Benefits of a Nightguard?

  • Relieves symptoms such as: sensitivity, jaw pain or headaches from excess grinding/clenching
  • Night guards are molded to fit your teeth, so they are comfortable to sleep with
  • Helps prevent wear and tear on the surfaces of your teeth and in turn leads to a reduction of future complications and/or sensitivity

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